lesson learned

So yesterday I took the day off from blogging after learning a very important lesson. I'm too darn old to go out to clubs. A few friends wanted to to out to CityWalk, which is 7-clubs-in-1place in bricktown. It's been years since I've been there but I used to go all the time. It just so happens that Lil Jon was there on Friday night, so it was packed!
Lil Jon DJing
Since quitting smoking 5 years ago, I have a strong dislike for cigarette smoke. I completely forgot that you can still smoke in clubs in Oklahoma. The whole club was a haze and I'm still coughing.  I wore heels, jeans, a cute black tank top with a little ruffled pleating down the center of the front and a pink long-sleeved cardigan. My bf laughed and said I was dressed like an old lady, but I was comfortable (aside from the heels). I turns out I had actually less skin showing than all the 'old ladies' at the club. By the end of the night, my feet were blistered and my throat was killing me. It just wasn't as fun as I remembered it used to be.

And I have a small rant... I noticed while out at CityWalk that the majority of the guys were dressed extremely sloppy. (There were a few exceptions (my bf & friends included) with nice button up shirts and shiny shoes.) They had on t-shirts, baggy (some holey) jeans, and tennis shoes. What happened to dressing to impress? Is it really hard to put a little bit of effort when picking out clothes to wear out? Why is it okay for guys to get away dressing like slobs, while women are wearing heels, dresses and accessories? And I'm pretty sure heels were invented by a man. I have a bf, so I don't go to clubs looking for someone to go home with, but after hours of observation Friday night, that's what many people going to clubs are looking for. Which makes sloppy appearances even worse! Come on guys! Stop being so lazy! and girls... Don't settle for sloppiness! First impressions are so important... and frankly, I was not impressed.

So overall... I think that clubs just aren't my thing anymore. Sure it's fun to go out to a bar once in a while, but I think I'm over clubs. I'd rather sit in the comfort of my own home, breathing clean air and enjoying the peace and quiet, embracing my inner older self.

And now it's my favorite day and the sun is shining. This morning was very fun for me... because I mailed out the Peace painting that I blogged about here to the wonderful Melinda (Simply Smitten)! I've had paintings 'speak to me' before and I know it's absolutely magical... so to have a piece I painted speak to such a lovely person as her makes me extremely happy! Thank you Melinda!

Now for today's poem....
I found this on www.poeticpower.com and fell in love with it.

Love Will Take Us There

Love will take us far away
To a place that's green and fair,
You'll find no hatred, greed, or war
Someday I'll meet you there

There was once a time ago
When the golden sky,
Could give the poorest, dying soul
The joy no one can buy

There was a time when being young
Was prized and fun to be,
So keep in mind your childhood years
Will turn to memories

Through the eyes, the world seems perfect,
Charming in a way,
But everything must have its flaws,
That's how it works today.

Love will take us far away
To a place that's green and fair,
You'll find no hatred, greed, or war
Someday I'll meet you there.

Celeste Watson-Martin, Grade 7


  1. Yeah... I can't speak from experience (I'm fourteen, after all! ;) but clubs don't sound like my kind of thing, either. :) Maybe if it was smoke-free and I went with a few friends to just dance, but otherwise... eh.

    Anyway, I can't WAIT to see your work in person, I'm very excited! Yay!!!

  2. Aww i havent been to any clubs in the U.S But from the way it sounds i wouldnt be impressed either jejeje <3

    Your outfit sounded super cute btw :) And i totally agree, sloppiness isnt something worth settling for!

  3. I can't do clubs. I never could do clubs. I always went to hole-in-the wall pub places. So, I think I know how you felt. :)

    Were their muscles popping out of their tshirts? I can't stand that.

    I agree that your bf and his friends do dress well. I like to see that.

    I was surprised to find that a 7th grader wrote that poem. It is so true. :)

  4. I guess I dress like an old lady, because I was thinking your outfit sounded way cute! I am not big on clubbing, but I have noticed that guys really don't seem to put much effort into their appearance a lot of the time. It certainly isn't impressive!

  5. Oh, that poem was so lovely, made even more so by the fact that a young girl wrote it. :) I had to chuckle at your club experience, it sounds like you are most definitely headed down the road of change! Yay for kicking the habit (I know I'm kind of late on that, but I'm thrilled for you and your body anyway!) and for embracing that inner older self! :)

    On eggshells waiting for my painting... :)

  6. Taylor Lynn... they can be really fun when they're smoke free and you're dancing with friends :)

    Veronica Grace... Thanks! I liked the outfit, too! I should have taken a picture!

    Diana... I would have had fun if you were there! But you would have hated it... lol... some had popping muscles and veins and others really shouldn't have been wearing too tight shirts! Christian asked where katty was!

    Heather Rae... Thanks! I think us old ladies do dress cute :)

    Melinda... Isn't it great the outlook on life that some younger people have?! I was so surprised when I got to the end and saw her age! I've slowly but surely been learning lessons, that's for sure :) Quitting smoking is the best decision I think I've ever made... and I'm pretty proud that I stuck with it. My inner old self is pretty amazing!
    only 2 more days (hopefully!) until your painting arrives :) I should warn you, I used a LOT of packaging tape :)

  7. Hey Sara, heheeheeee. I remember growing up and away from the club scene.....years......and years.....and years ago! It was fun in my early twenties, but priorities change. My daughter likes to go to a dance club in Fayetteville every once in awhile but it's no smoking.

    How cool that Melinda bought your painting! Awesome! I can see why she was drawn to it!

  8. Lol~ tomorrow's Wednesday, I'll be armed with the scissors to cut through all that tape! I just slightly rearranged my workshop today, now I've quite possibly got the perfect spot for my new artwork... :)


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