What I'm Into

On My Nightstand: The Girls From Ames by Jeffrey Zaslow and Living Off the Grid by Nick Rosen
Totally completely opposite books but both very good so far. The Girls From Ames is definitely written by a guy, as it lacks the emotional depiction of friendship and tells the girls story from an investigative journalist kind of way, but still interesting. Living Off the Grid fascinates me and right now I'm still trying to absorb the concept... although I dream of someday making it a reality.

Want to Read:  The new issue of Shape that has been laying on the bar for a week now and I still haven't had time to open it.

T.V. Show Worth Watching: I honestly haven't watched any tv lately. I go through phases of love and loathe when it comes to tv programs. Everything is a repeat right now... but I am looking forward to my Thursday night rendezvous with Damon Salvatore when the new episodes of Vampire Diaries return!

Movie I've Seen (in or out of the theater):  um.... does watching my favorite clip of Love Actually on YouTube count? I haven't watched any movies lately...

In My Ears:  This is my favorite subject! I've recently become obsessed with Matt Hires (Honey Let Me Sing You a Song), Tje Austin (Sunshine), and Matt White (Love). 
Items of Note: I did in fact purchase a pretty little macbook pro like I said I was looking forward to last month. I thought it was a boy but then I bought it a pretty pink silicone keyboard cover so now I have to find a girl name for her... 
-another huge item of note is that I have 41 followers... this makes me incredibly happy because it means I'm not just rambling on to myself :) 
-and I stopped eating meat on March 12th... so far, so good! I've found a lot of really good veg recipes and haven't had any problems finding yummy meatless dishes when I've went out to eat. 
-I've discovered a great app on the android market called Camera 360 that has all kinds of fun photo filters...
dream style filter
japanese style filter


What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month:My paintings are going to be displayed in The Wine Gallery in May! So in April I will be painting at the wine tasting... which I'm nervous and excited about! 
I'm also looking forward to brainstorming some great ideas for marketing the Plaza Festival.... 
oh and I can't wait for Biting The Apple, which is an erotic art show I'm going to (my first time!!!!). I'm also pretty pumped about the Donate, Dine & Wine dinner this month because we're having it at a new Irish Pub in the Plaza District called Saints... I love Irish Pubs!


  1. All of that sounds like sooo much fun!
    How did the Plaza work out for you?

    Take care, and have a great day :)

  2. Great post, I like the idea. :) Congrats on the followers!!! By the way, it says 42 now. Looks like you've got another one!!!


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