wallets and wacky fish-shaped rings

Today I have a really long to do list so I'm going to keep it short... I want to share two of my favorite finds.

First is a ring that I found at Dustie's. It's not a store I usually shop at but I needed to find a cute necklace for a friend's wedding on a limited budget, so I gave it a try. and I found this.....
The most fabulous fish ring. ever. I typically don't wear rings and I haven't actually worn it anywhere since I bought it, but every time I see it on a my jewelry rack, it makes me smile. It's slightly too big but what it lacks in the size department, it more than makes up for by being super bright and colorful.

Now onto a wonderful gift that I received for Christmas from my boyfriend, Jeremy. I found it on Etsy and added it as a favorite about a month prior to Christmas. He was super smart and went through all the amazing items I have listed as favorites and picked out this one :) It's a handmade wallet from KomonoArt.

I get tons of compliments on it. Not only is it unique and doesn't look like every other wallet out there... it's sewn perfectly! The construction is amazing... and my most favorite part about it is that it's made of so many different patterned fabrics! I check her shop frequently and every time I see a new wallet that I just have to have.
This is the only one I have so far, but I definitely see more wallets in my future :)


  1. That fish is fabulous!

    Smart boyfriend. ;)

  2. The fish ring is soo cute! I would def. wear that!! The wallet is cute, too ^_^

  3. I LOVE YOUR WALLET :) super gorgeous ring also <3

  4. This wallet is too cute! I'm not currently in need of one but I hope I remember this when I do. I wonder how long it'll last. But you said it's constructed well so that's a good indicator.

  5. Thanks... I think I'm going to wear the ring when I go out to dinner with my friends tomorrow!
    I highly recommend the wallet... it's been swimming in my huge purse with pens, sunglasses, books, keys and keychains for almost 4 months now and it still looks brand new :)


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