Post Run Lucky

post race beer!
Well the race was a success! Considering this was the first time being done in OKC, the turnout was great... there was tons of great costumes and over 1,000 runners (not including all the walkers who did the 1k)!

I'm not sure of our exact finish times because they're not posted yet but we were pretty much in the middle of the pack the whole time. The weather during the race was perfect (overcast with a slight breeze) for running and thankfully the rain held off until after the race.

post race
We had so much fun seeing all the other costumes... my favorite was the green man who had a whole body suit... I have no idea how he ran with it covering his entire face but he did! There were lots o' leprechauns with red beard and green hats, too... however, the winner of the costume contest was a giant bottle of Heineken!

I wish every race was a costume race! It made the run so much fun... Our tutus were awesome but we could have done more... next year we'll definitely be more prepared!

Next race coming up is the YWCA 2 minute 5k in April...
Now time to put my feet up and read my new book The Girls From Ames :)


  1. Nice costumes, lots of green, you won't be pinched St. Patricks :)

  2. GORGEOUS :) it turned out so cute girls!!!! Congrats, you inspire me to want to do a 5k someday jejeje!


  3. Sounds great, and your costumes look awesome. :) I love the tutus! Great job!

    Taylor Lynn <3

  4. Congrats! for even just finishing :)
    Your outfits are FABULOUS!


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