monday morning (caffeine added)

So I didn't get quite as much done yesterday as I had hoped, but today is a new day! I've been up for 2 hours and had about 3 cups of coffee..... in case the super optimistic mood on a monday morning didn't give it away.
This is my 8th week of being a college student. I'm half way through my first semester and next week is spring break... if only I could be a stereotypical college student and go somewhere sunny and fun for spring break. I can hear cancun calling my name.... But instead I'll be working on taking new photos for my etsy shop, rewriting my item descriptions and hopefully listing some more of the paintings that are currently hanging on my living wall, waiting patiently for me to take the time to list them.
my goal is to start selling regularly so that I don't have to get a part time job while I'm in school. As I've been looking for jobs I've found more and more that a requesting a photo be sent with the resume... I won't even get started on everything that is totally wrong with this. I also am completely spoiled and don't want to work nights or weekends. I just want a nice little office job where I can be pleasant and answer phones and organize stuff. and then go to school and not stress over my job. Is that too much to ask? apparently so. because I'm unemployed.
I am pretty excited about my next essay for English Comp. We have to write about a current issue on campus or in the state, then propose a realistic solution and I've chose to write about public art. The lovely governor of the state of oklahoma has propsed a 5% cut on art funding and house Bill 1665 was approved by the committee and will soon be debated on the house floor to discontinue Oklahoma's public art for a minimum of 3 years. Oklahoma Arts Council has put together a wonderul  site full of resources about this issue and I can't wait to start writing. I am only slightly getting a head of myself considering I haven't finished my essay due this week about how to train for a 5k.... speaking of 5k's... my first one of the year is on Sunday. Run Lucky is a fun costume race and i already have fun green tights and a shirt... I'll be making a tutu this week..... pics will be up sunday :)
Ok, enough rambling.... time to go to the mac lab and finish up my photoshop homework.... I need a mac so i can sit in my pajamas on the couch and do homework instead.

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