everyone needs beauty on sunday morning

I simply have to share this because I think it's beautiful and everyone needs beauty on a sunday morning. This is the video from my very good friends Jill & Jesse's (aka Team JC) wedding that I was so very happy to be a part of in January in the lovely below zero degree temperatures of Wisconsin. I've watched this several times and it brings me to tears each and every time because I feel the video captures the emotions of that day perfectly. Don't Shout Films did such an amazing job!

Jill and Jesse from Jonathan Wheeler on Vimeo.

Ok... next on today's agenda... Kindle. I love my kindle dx. I got it for christmas from my wonderful bf two years ago. It lives in a pretty pink case (which matches the pretty pink case my motorola droid lives in, and the pretty pink coach purse in which I carry both of them around in... yes, it's a slight obsession) and I named it Libby. Now, I don't typically name things but it asked me for a name to display in the upper left hand corner and to distinguish which device I wanted things sent to when I buy them, and for some reason Libby just fit. Back when I worked full-time and actually had money, I used to subscribe to blogs and magazines on my kindle. It's $1.99 a month (with a free 14 day trial) and while it's the same content you could read for free on your computer, it's conveniently delivered to your kindle everytime the blog is updated. unfortunately I had to cancel all my subscriptions because I'm a poor college student who hasn't gotten a full paycheck since December, but I did manage to figure out how to add my blog to the wonderful world of kindle blogs available to subscribe to :) now if you go to amazon and search for simply sarafina it allows kindle users to subscribe to me. It just amazes me that all this is even possible... considering that 11 years ago when I was a senior in high school no one had cell phones, technology never ceases to amaze me!
Now I'm off to get ready to spend the day with Diana, book shopping, sharing music and maybe something yummy for lunch...going to enjoy my last day of spring break. Tomorrow I have tons of homework to do that I've managed to put off all week :)
Be sure to check back tomorrow because I'm going to feature several amazing ways to help the people and animals of Japan!

BTW... I've now gone over one whole week without eating meat and I honestly don't even miss it :)


  1. Thanks for sharing that video- I agree, it's fabulous. :) Wonderful thing to share! And congrats on the week without meat!!! I support you all the way!!! :D

  2. Love the post :) Haha, I usually name everything I get. I haven't thought one up for my new laptop yet, though... I'll have to get on it ;D
    Congrats on the meat free week!! Yayy!!! So happy for you :)

  3. congrats on no meat! I am trying a lentil diet now, with exception to fish. I'm starting with no read meat, which I don't really eat now but I'm cutting back. anyways, HOW wonderful this whole kindle deal is. I love mine and I can't get enough of it- I'm totally going to subscribe to you :)

    I really like your art work too. I recently posted some of mine! I have an etsy shop too but I haven't updated it in forever. I am about to visit yours- see if there is something in there I can buy for my kids.

    Stop by my blog again and follow lady- that way we can keep up with each others posts day to day. I love reading yours <3

  4. Thanks girls! I'm enjoying a yummy subway veggie sub as I type :)


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