what I know for sure

As I sit at my kitchen table eating an apple reading O magazine I'm inspired by the past page every month. Every day is a learning experience, some more so than others. Here's some highlights of things I've learned and what I now know. for sure.

-15 degrees is freaking cold and utterly indescribable unless tetth chatters can be translated into words.
Love is deeper than snow.
When you have no other choice, you can dig down deep and summon courage from a place that you probably never even knew existed.
Furniture is really not necessary if you have books and a blanket.
Stuff doesn't cure lonliness - only emptiness. and emptiness usually isn't the issue.
Sticks and stones may break bones, but words can pierce through your heart and drain every last drop of confidence you possess - even if that wasn't the intention.
Unwillingness to forgive is like the first gunshot in a war.
Life is made up of little battles... choose them wisely.
Confusion can be mistaken for fear.
A smile makes it hurt less.
Sometimes shaking is involuntary.
Friends are like a great bra - they support you and hold you up!
Listening is better than giving advice.
Herbs need big windowsills.
Submitting your artwork for a show is absolutely a huge step and makes me incredibly nervous that people are going to be judging me on photos of what I paint.


  1. The one I like best is "Life is made up of little battles...choose them wisely."

  2. you are one smart cookie. Here's what I know for sure - self kindness refuses hopelessness a home.

  3. Thanks both of you :)
    Self kindness refuses hopelessness a home... I love this! self kindness is so very important... if only I figured that out earlier in life!


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