have I got long way to run?

The answer to this amazing Collective Soul song is definitely yes. Because last weekend I officially registered for the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. Well, not the full marathon, but the half marathon. 13.1 miles. I've already began my training. Well, right now I'm training to train. It's been a while since I've ran. So I'm starting with Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred ( I'm on Day 11) and I follow that up with 30 minutes of walking/jogging. So far so good... I type this as I sit with a heating pad on my back. I'm just focusing on trying to imagine the feeling of accomplishment I will feel when I cross that finish line.
I also get to experience this with 3 of my very best friends, Amber, Diana and Miranda. Which is good because right now I'm highly motivated but I need them to kick me in the butt should this motivated streak start to wane.

I've also posted 2 new painting to my Etsy account since I wrote last. I worked on another painting of a sugar skull for about 5 hours today. I have to say that I'm pretty impressed, which I don't often say when I finish a painting. Maybe it's because this was a little more challenging for me. Skulls aren't typically my forte'. Neither is symmetry. But I think I did a pretty damn good job. I'll be posting my sugar skull on Etsy tomorrow. Here's my unfinished sugar skull step by step as I painted today....

 Now it's off to watch OU vs OSU and make something for dinner.

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