like an hourglass glued to the table

It's Sunday afternoon... where did my weekend go??!?!?!!
I did get a lot accomplished but I never did get around to the relaxing line on my to do list. I sewed curtains, made a fall wreath and rearanged my wall hangings. I took a trip to Half Price Books. I am obsessed. I bought books... a whole hand basket of them. I have a habit of buying books that I have already read but don't own. I also seem to buy the same books over and over again. That's how I distinguish my favorites.... I buy them, lend them to someone "You have to read this book!!!!" and then never get it back so I buy it again.... repeat cycle. I bought my 4th copy of Eat, Pray, Love yesterday. This one is hardcover so I think I may keep this one.
I have read quite a bit of Twilight this weekend. I know I already read it, but it's been a year and I forgot how amazing it is... I am listening to Robert Pattinson right now actually.... I have come to a very important realization though... I am only in love with Rob when he is pretending to be Edward Cullen, Edward is my real love.
Silly, I know, but I'm totally hooked and I can't help it. Can you imagine the blush in my cheeks as I, a 27 year old woman, wandered through Borders last year super frustrated because I couldn't find the Twilight books anywhere? Oh, it was because they were in the Young Reader section. Pride, shmide... I am way too in love to be embarassed anymore. I've had my tickets for the midnight opening premiere of New Moon for a month!  Um, why am I still typing? I could be reading right now......

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