much needed

I am a multi-tasker.
Right now I am:
grilling chicken
baking butternut squash
steaming corn and green peppers
watching Ohio State kick Penn State's ass
and writing. blogging. expressing myself.

Other than being in the car this is the first time I have sat down since I was woken up this morning at 8 am by 2 little boys jumping on top of me. I have ventured all over okc today... farmer's market, lake hefner, moore public library, party galaxy, and petco. I managed to squeeze in a few pages of Eclipse while keeping one eye on the boys when we were at the park on the lake. I looked away for a minute only to Parker say 'That kid just got hit in the nutsack' loud enough for the whole lake to hear. Oh the joys of young boys.
Right now I am trying to calm my pounding headache with a small cup of coffee but listening to the football game and some gamecube game where 2 large men are wrestling at the same time isn't really helping.
On a brighter note, my bf's mom bought mums for me today. I potted them and proudly display them alongside my other mums and hubiscus I have managed to keep alive... I don't have a green thumb but I do have traces of black soil under my nails... which reminds me how badly I need a manicure. and a nap.
and to check on my food that is cooking....

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