Easy Like A Sunday Morning

The very reason I work for the weekends seems to have vanished. The peaceful serene Sunday morning. The one day of the week when you could lay in bed as long as you like, 1/2 awake, 1/2 asleep. Tiny slivers of light seep in through the vertical blinds and the only sound throughout the house is that of tiny sparrows outside praising the rise of the sun. To slowly roll out of bed into a pair of fuzzy slippers and sleepily swagger into the living room, plunking down on the couch with a good book used to be the highlight of my Sunday. It seemed as though the whole world was either still sleeping or also enjoying this small slice of delicious tranquility in the comfort of their own cozy homes. A morning like that can make you forget of all the evil and wrong that exists in the world. The smell of quiet and coffee drifting sneakily throughout the house, like a lullaby and a rush of adrenaline intertwined that leaves you desperatly wanting more. If only Sunday mornings could last all day long...

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