Autumn creeps in

The breeze is crisp and the air smells clean. The world around me is changing... green to yellow to red to brown... and I adore the vibrancy of autumn's palette.

As much as I hate the bitter cold of winter, I love this time of year... it has a certain calm to it contents me. It seems quieter, more serene than the ever-ending possibilities that summer holds and the hustle and bustle of the holiday madness. I wish I could bottle the coziness I feel while snuggled up under a fuzzy blanket, sipping a cup of hot caramel apple cider.

Tis the season for change... My best friend Courtney is moving back to Pennsylvania. In less than one week, instead of lunch dates, we will be enjoying phone dates. A piece of me will get on the moving truck and leave Oklahoma forever next week, but I know this isn't the end.  Although my own selfishness is trying to take over, I've declined the invite to my own pity-party.  I'm beginning to accept the distance and I'm excited to support her on her new adventure.... she has so much life to live and so much love to give, I can't wait to see what lies next on her journey through life.

Katie, my best friend since 2nd period Art class in high school is getting married in 2 weeks.  I couldn't be happier.  She is marrying a wonderful guy and I am so honored to be a bridesmaid and personal attendant.  I will be flying to Minneapolis for 4 days of laughter, tears, smiles and sheer joy. Katie is the epitome of a truly genuine person.  She has a heart of gold and a passion for life.  We've been through thick and thin, went years without seeing each other yet we have remained close. She's not only my best friend, she's the wind beneath my wings.

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