happy wednesday!

Last Friday I went to an Art Walk in Fond du Lac, WI with some of my girlfriends...

me, Kelly, Jamie, Sara & Jill
Lucky for me, Jill is friends with the owner of Jennabee Art Gallery & Studio and introduced us. Last night I stopped by the gallery and dropped off 4 of my paintings! Fingers crossed that I sell something :) There's also an art contest that the gallery is having in February that I need to enter and we discussed the possibility of doing an art show in March or April! Which is beyond exciting to even think about!

Jamie owns her own salon and after I made her a wedding gift...

mixed media painting for Mr & Mrs King

she's asked if I could paint a canvas or two to go in the salon. Which would not only be fun to paint, but give me a lot more exposure, too. Things are looking up in the art department of my life :)

Oh, and last but not least...
grades just posted for this semester!


I've been quite busy during my blog break... I've finished fall semester at Oklahoma City Community College and I've been accepted to University of Massachusetts Amherst, where I will be getting my B.A. in Sustainability Studies. I'll be taking all online classes for Spring semester, which starts on January 22nd.

I finished moving most of my things from Oklahoma to Wisconsin, including my puppy, Frankie.

I've been diligently working on handmaking pretty much all of my christmas presents and I have a few commission paintings that have been keeping me busy. I've snapped a few pictures and once the gifts are in the possession of their recipients I will post a few pics of my craftiness (although I can't take full credit... Pinterest was a huge inspiration!)

Here's a few of my latest paintings...

I actually made a new blog for my Creative Writing class that features all of my poetry that I wrote for class this past semester. It's published for anyone who would like to see it... I got 250 out of 250 points and my professor asked if he could use it as an example for upcoming classes :) Look Again

Hopefully now that I'm not waking up to homework, I will have time to start blogging a few mornings a week and get caught up on all of my favorite blogs that I miss so much!

Happy Holiday Week!