where does it seem to go? I seem to be in the midst of a time shortage.
sleep. work. cook. attempt to cook. clean. repeat.
where did the days of laying around in the company of boredom?
instead I find myself constantly going, going, going. surrounded by to-do lists.
remember this. do that. pick up this. purchase that.
I often find myself drifting. daydreaming. waiting. hoping.
I should be working but I am daydreaming about painting.
canvas and paint swirl around my head, painting pretty pictures.
but when I get a spare moment to actually hold a brush in my hand
my ever growing to do list bullies my imagination into submission.
I bought a pair of pink heels today. hot freaking pink.
5:30 is approaching fast and Matchbox 20 is helping the hands on the clock turn.